Real Estate Private Equity recruiting - An Insider's Interview

Exclusive Interview with Jamie McCord, Director at a private equity recruiting firm based out of the United Kingdom,

Jamie has an experience of more than a decade working with recruiters and applicants in the real estate private equity recruiting space.

Real Estate Private Equity is an industry that has been attracting a lot of talents over those past couple of years and an industry that is consistently growing year over year.

In this interview Jamie share his views on the real estate private equity as an industry from a recruiting perspective, the keys in successfully getting hired, what are recruiters looking for when hiring, how to successfully make yourself stand out, current recruiting market with the capital markets headwinds, culture variations across investment funds and attracting talents in today’s interview.

Whether you are a candidate looking to get in real estate private equity or a recruiter looking at attracting talent, this interview is not to be missed !

00:00 – 01:15 interview introduction
01:15 -  02:05 Jamie’s presentation and area of expertise within REPE recruiting 
02:05 -  05:30 Keys to get into REPE as a candidate
05:30 –07:05 Importance of having an established expertise in real estate 
07:05 – 09:01 Transitioning from brokerage to REPE
09:01 –11:51 Setting yourself apart through the recruiting process
11:51 – 13:40 Attracting talent as an emerging fund manager
13:40 – 15:55 culture difference across investment fund types
15:55 -  17:30   Small vs large cap funds culture
17:30 - 20:00 today’s environment and impact on REPE recruiting
20:00 - 21:46 importance of building your network 
21:46 last word and closing topic

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