Lifestyle Hospitality, the emerging & trending hospitality concept

Interview with Theo Bortoluzzi, business development manager at Kerten Hospitality, a mixed-use lifestyle hospitality operator focused on sustainability.

The hospitality landscape has changed quite a bit over the past 30 years with new trends and emerging concepts taking place such as the “lifestyle hospitality” concept.

In this interview, we discuss this emerging trend, what exactly does it mean for a hotel to be called “lifestyle”, the factors contributing to its exponential growth as well as potential benefits from an investment perspective to reconvert traditional hotels using more of a “lifestyle” approach.

Kerten Hospitality has been a pioneer for some years in this sector and has worked with hotel owners and investors to optimize their asset(s) from reconversion to greenfield development opportunities.

Find some hospitality lifestyle case studies that we discussed during the interview:

All of the hotels listed are currently operated by the Kerten Hospitality Group:

The House Hotel in Jeddah City Yard – Saudi Arabia

The House Hotel in Old Tbilisi – Georgia

Cloud 7 Hotels in Ayla Aqaba - Jordan

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