Life Sciences, the Offices of tomorrow?

Interview with Jeremy Gelb, Associate at capital markets within Thor Equities.

Thor Equities is a New York based Real Estate Private Equity firm investing across a wide range of asset types and classes with a focus on the US, European and Mexico.

Founded in 1986, it currently has more than 20 Billions USD in Asset Under Management.

In this interview, we discuss the exponential growth and momentum of the life science sector over the past decade and the reasons it became such an attractive asset for real estate private equity firms to allocate capital to.

We go over the current opportunities in the sector from a “value add perspective” such as offices reconversion to life sciences as well as the different disparities of growth noticed between the US and European market.

Jeremy also gives us his thoughts on the current state of the industrial sector, increase in private equity allocation from LPs, the current state of the European and US markets on a macroeconomic level and how Thor Equities is adapting to this ever changing economic environment.

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