AZORA's Interview: Future of Iberian Hospitality - Resilience, Deals & Market Attractiveness

Interview with Manuel De Lacalle, Associate director at AZORA, one of the largest independent asset manager based in Spain investing across various sectors such as hospitality real estate,

Gain valuable insights into the hospitality industry, including its resilience across various subsectors, lucrative deals in today's market, and increased capital investment in the Iberian Peninsula. Explore the future direction of the Iberian hospitality sector in the next 5-10 years in this exclusive interview.

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0:00 Introduction

01:10 The current investment mandate of AZORA and its track record

03:40 Insights on the current Iberian hospitality market f

06:30 Hospitality providing an edge against the inflation

08:59 Subsectors showing the strongest ongoing resilience and fundamentals

14:30 New supply that is coming to the market

16:18 regions with the strongest tourism & ADR growth

18:03 Impact of capital markets on the sector and consequences

22:38 expectation on the medium to long term outlook of Iberian hospitality

25:39 Influx of capital to the Spanish and Portuguese markets

27:10 closing note

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