Reejana Ltd, housing development in Portugal

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Interview with Rhenon Leitao from Reejana Ltd.

Reejana Ltd is an international consultancy firm based out in the UK.

They are currently working on 2 housing developments in Lourinha, Portugal.

It is housing developments composed of luxury townhomes/homes with a budget between 500 to 700 thousands euros.

Strategically located near the beach and in the town of Lourinha, those homes can be used as a personal property but it can also be used as an investment opportunity. Rhenon has created a partnership with a local property management company that could be used if buyers decide to use this property as an investment.

One of the main benefit of this project is that it gives foreign buyers the possibility to actually obtain a full residency, also known as the "Golden Visa". Listen to the interview where Rhenon talk to us about the process of getting it and its benefits.

Rhenon has also created a partnership with a renowned law firm familiar with the project that can help buyers throughout the Golden Visa process.

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