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Interview with August Biniaz, Co-Founder of CPI CAPITAL

August Biniaz is a Canadian multifamily investor & syndicator; his firm CPI CAPITAL is here to help Canadians invest passively in US real estate assets through a syndication

August explains us why the US investment market is superior in terms of ROI than the Canadian investment market having known both very well.

Seeing this huge opportunity in the US investment market, he partnered up with an experienced US operator to invest in US institutional grade multifamily through a the creation of syndication by raising equity from Canadians allowing them to invest in large US multifamily and giving them positive cashflow & returns that would have been feasible in Canada

He also talks about the current housing shortage in Canada, the reasons behind it and what is done to solve this growing issue

Contact information:

e-mail: august@cpicapital.ca

website: www.cpicapital.ca